The Question
The Question (real name Victor Sage) is a super hero created by Steve Ditko.

Relation to Slender ManEdit

The Question's claim to fame was his trademark no-faced look (originally achieved using a fictional material as a mask), and his more violent tendencies.

Many fans have noted that Slender Man looks extremely similar to The Question, and that The Question was written long before Slender Man was created by Victor Surge (The Question was created in 1967).

HIs real name is also Victor Sage, which is only a few letters off from Victor Surge.

New 52 Edit

319px-Question Prime Earth 0001
The New 52 reboot made it so that the Question genuinely did not have a face, and was being punished for some sin he committed during ancient times and so that he is ancient. His methods also became more passive-aggressive, along with an added tendancy for violence. The New 52 version was also depicted as hairless.

The New 52 added more similarities between the characters, suggesting that Slender Man may have had a minor influence on the newer version of The Question.



  • New 52 version resembles Slenderman more
  • Rorschach (a character based on The Question) being used for a Slenderman photoshopped image


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