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The Mame is said to resemble the actress Rita Hayworth, pictured here for reference

The Mame is a mysterious female Proxy of The Slender Man. No one knows her real name, and she has used so many aliases and back-stories that even she may have forgotten her past before she began serving Slender Man. She has an uncanny resemblance to Rita Hayworth.


Usually she operates as a honey trap, seducing targets for information, to be easily killed by someone else, or in recruitment attempts. Her preferred weapon when she has to do the killing is a "la loupe" style garrote. She also always makes sure to have something that can be used as a garrote -such as a scarf- whenever she is unable to bring a regular garrote with her. She sometimes chooses to help her targets rather than hurting them, even against other Proxies. Some are suspicious of her motives for doing so, which are unknown.


Like many Proxies in the stories she appears in, she has access to the Path of Black Leaves. She has also shown skill in Krav Maga.


  • Her name comes from the song "Put the Blame on Mame" written for the 1946 film "Gilda" which just so happens to be pronounced as "maim" and is sung by Rita Hayworth's character.

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