Artist: DarkShadows

The Fleshangel is an Afflicted created by The Slender Man. It made its first appearance in the blog In The Dark Shadows.


The Fleshangel appears as a hovering, naked, and mutilated human torso with no legs. Its body is flayed open and the ribcage split and stretched back behind its arms to resemble wings, hence its name. Its long arms terminate in human-like hands with thin, needle-like, bony claws on the ends of the digits, which is uses to mutilate and gore its victims. Its face is human, except that it has no eyes, only bloody sockets, as the result of its eyes being gouged out by the Slender Man.


The Fleshangel usually severely mutilates, but does not kill, its victims. It is particularly fond of gouging out the victim's eyes, but has also been known to cut out tongues, sever limbs, and remove digits. It is unknown why it favors removing sensory organs in particular. It is most often seen hovering around buildings its target is located in, singing hymns in an eerie, childlike voice until it gets its victim alone. It is thought victims are drawn to its strange singing, helpless to resist it...


Currently the Fleshangel is known to have the following abilities:

  • Hovering/flight
  • Uncanny agility
  • Hypnotic song/voice