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Drawn by HiddenVoiceComics

The Beast is an alternate interpretation of Slender Man from the novel OH GOD THE RAPTURE IS BURNING from The Fear Mythos. This interpretation of him varies greatly from contemporary portrayals, and acts as an anti-hero.


He was originally Slender Man, before being "condemned twice" and subsequently transforming into a new being.

Before forming into The Beast, he was a fluxuating form of nightmarish energy, trying to pull himself together, but being unable to due to being trapped in The Planck Level.

Once he escaped, he was able to reform himself, and gained a fedora made from shadows and a scarf made from blood. He is also followed around by a larger hologram version of himself.

After creating an army, confronting the other Fears, and hunting down the Harlot who had escaped him, he discovered the world around him was nothing more than a work of fiction, and assumed that the ending of the story would be bad, and becomes suicidal, struggling with his sanity.

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  • Played by someone named Archie
  • Drawn by The Visitor
  • Drawn by Logic