A Noppera-bo, a being similar to the Mujina sighted in Hawaii. It is believed the mujina may actually have been one of these spirits.

On May 19, 1959 sightings of a faceless woman (presumed by some to be a ghost) referred to as a "Mujina" were reported in Kahala, Hawaii.


The creature was sighted in the women's restroom of the Waialae Drive-In Theatre, combing her hair. The witness went closer to the woman, and the Mujina turned her head, revealing her lack of face. The creature described is believed to actually have been a Noppera-bo, a faceless spirit that originated from various Japanese myths.

According to a Wikipedia article about Noppera-bo

"Noted Hawaiian historian, folklorist and author Glen Grant, in a 1981 radio interview dismissed the story as rumor, only to be called by the witness herself, who gave more details on the event, including the previously unreported detail that the mujina in question had red hair."

Other sightings have also allegedly occurred, with many visiting the bathroom to see her in the reflection of the mirror. Sightings of a similar spirit were reported in other parts of Hawaii.

The theater has since been torn down for a public storage facility.

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