Men in Black Witness drawing

Men in Black (or MIBs) was the nickname for the strange, shadowy agents that would harass and intimidate people who witnessed UFO sightings. So called because of their attire, there are many theories about what they were. Although the term is now used to refer to government agents in general, the earliest reports would sometimes describe them acting as if they were not human and having strange powers.

Relation to Slender ManEdit


As well as their similar attire, MIBs would often stalk and harass those who had witnessed UFO sightings, such as photographs, and try to obtain any evidence of the UFO. This was likely the inspiration for how Slender Man would seek and destroy all photographic evidence of his existence, albeit by violent means.

Early MIB sightings describe them as abnormal in body language, almost featureless in facial structure, and sometimes displaying paranormal abilities. One encounter with an MIB described:

He told me I had two coins in my left pocket, which I happened to know for a fact. "He asked me to hold a bright new copper penny up in my fingers, and he made it disappear in a bright blue light ... I got a little uneasy when he ordered me to destroy the tapes and any other correspondence and anything to do with UFOs. He said that if I didn't do so I would suffer the same fate as Barney Hill" [a renowned 'contactee who had died under mysterious circumstances]. "I truly believe that this individual was from another planet. He is not an invader ... But I do feel he, and others like him, are around, nosing about...

This same report also stated that the Men in Black "didn't have any eyebrows or eyelashes and his skin was a dead white colour. His nose was very small and it came down to just above the upper lip. His lips were ruby red. "He had the appearance of a clothing store dummy". Slender Man's lack of features may have been inspired by the Men in Black described in this encounter.

However, another theory of the MIB is that they are a special division of the FBI/CIA (in the USA) or the Ministry of Defence/MI5 (in the UK), specifically created to deal with UFO encounters, making them similar to the Organization.