Kathe kollwitz - self portrait 1924

A stylized self-portrait

Käthe Kollwitz was a female German artist. She was the first woman elected to the Prussian Academy of Arts.


Most of her surviving art were woodcuts , which allowed her to ink and make several copies of her works, making it so these artworks better survived after her other were destroyed during the war, as she was able to print multiple copies.

Her most well known works portraying grieving parents and mothers with her deceased children were likely influenced by the death of her son during WWI.


During WWII she and her husband got in trouble with Nazi authorities for her support of the Dringender Appell für die Einheit (Urgent Call for Unity) which was an attempt to defeat the Nazi party in the German elections. As a result, her artworks were removed from museums, and she was no longer allowed to hold exhibitions. At one point, the Gestapo threatened to send her and her husband to a concentration camp for her anti-war works, and both resolved that if this were to happen that they would take their own lives. The Nazis never carried out their threat, since she was already a well-respected public figure.

Despite no longer being allowed to hold exhibits, her "Mother and Child" pieces were used for Nazi propaganda. In 1943, after being evacuated from Berlin, her house was bombed, causing much of her works to be lost.

Käthe died 16 days before the end of WWII.

Relation to Slender ManEdit

Death seizes the children Kathe Kollwitz

Death Seizes The Children

Although well known for her expressive anti-war drawings portraying a mother and her dead child, Kollwitz is also known for portraying death taking the lives of the living, usually children.

There are visual similarities between her portrayal of Death and how Slender Man is portrayed. She portrayed Death as a pale, thin, faceless figure, and one of her most famous works is "Death Seizes the Children" could be seen by some as similar to Slender Man taking children.


  • Woman with Dead Child
  • Death Seizes The Children
  • Death Grasps at Children

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