Gurumukas are creatures of Aboriginal Australian myth that act as vampires. They are generally said to have inhabited Groote Eylandt in the Gulf of Carpentaria.

Relation to Slender ManEdit

The Gurumuka, like Slender Man, is long and thin, sometimes being described as "spindly" and, similar to Slender Man, stalks their victims before attacking. As a result, many Slender Man websites have claimed the creature to be similar to Slender Man.

What some find eerie, is that the original Slender Man images were supposedly taken in The City of Stirling, Australia, and many Slenderblogs are set in Australia, as well.

However, the Gurumuka were generally described as much hairier, and are said to have been killed off by the Groote Eylandt Aborigines, whom the creature had been eating.


  • Many connect this creature to the other Australian folk creature The Yowie


  • TVTropes making a note of the similarities

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