Gollum Render

Gollum is a major character and minor antagonist from Lord of The Rings series and The Hobbit.

Relation to The RakeEdit

Many fans have noticed that many renditions of The Rake look highly similar to Gollum's portrayal in the live-action films.

Both have grey skin, appear to be highly deformed humanoids, frequently crouch, are naked (or in gollum's case, mostly naked), and are violent killers sometimes shown to eat their victims (Gollum wished to eat Bilbo in The Hobbit). Both are also shown contemplating murder while watching their intended victim sleeping.

As a result of these similarities, it's believed by many fans that The Rake was heavily influenced by Gollum.


  • A piece of The Rake fanart that more closely resembles Gollum. Artist: Myhatisblue