The Beast is the main antagonist of the cartoon mini-series Over The Garden Wall.


He is a mysterious creature, hidden in shadows, that lives in the woods of the weird world that is called the Unknown and is feared by most of the inhabitants. During the story of OTGW, he follows the protagonists, the brothers Wirt and Greg, to lure them inside the woods, make them fall to despair and transform them into Edelwood Trees, whose oil he needs to fuel a lantern which holds his soul.

Connections to Slender Man Edit

There are several similarites between the Beast and Slender Man:

  • He lives in the woods and lures people inside of them, intending to harm them.
  • He stalks children.
  • While he is a villain, he doen't really attack or harm people physically, but rather afflicts their psyche.
  • He uses humans to fullfill deeds he cannot attend to himself.


  • The Beast in the light
  • In the snow