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Azoth, originally known as slendersludge, is a material used in the Fear Mythos and various Slenderblogs. In The Fear Mythos, it is a substance left behind by Slender Man.


It appeared in early Slenderblogs such as Let Us Keep Living, Exilis Veritas and The London Librarian and was later incorporated heavily into The Fear Mythos.


It is a black and tar-like substance, and appears to be sentient. It is used to control proxies, being thrown up by injured ones, and sometimes even "bled out" by Slender Man, leading some to believe it may be his blood.

It is also capable of regenerating itself, and is highly flammable and sometimes even explosive.


  • Azoth was only recently named in the Shattered Psyche Verse of the Fear Mythos.
    • The name is from the theoretical Azoth of Alchemy.

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